INSE® Akku-Staubsauger N5 (hell blau) (
<transcy>INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner N5 (Light Blue)</transcy>
inse n5 akku-staubsauger kann Ihr Haus reinigen (hell blau) (
inse n5 akku-staubsauger kann Boden und Teppich reinigen (hell blau) (
inse n5 akku-staubsauger für die Reinigung der Treppe (hell blau) (
inse n5 akku-Staubsauger mit dem lange fugendüse, um das Innere des Autos zu reinigen (hell blau) (
inse n5 akku-Staubsauger zur Reinigung von Schmutz und Partikeln auf dem Tisch (hell blau) (
inse n5 akku-Staubsauger mit einziehbarem Metallrohr kann hohe Stellen reinigen (hell blau) (

INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner N5 (Light Blue)

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  • Improved 2.0 Brush Head - Pick up dirt and dust from hardwood floors, low pile carpets, tile floors, marble floors, etc.
  • Removable 2200 mAh large capacity battery and long run time.
  • Extremely Quiet - It offers high performance on wooden floors, carpets, walls, curtains, car seats and furniture, etc, and generates much less heat and less noise (65 dB) to provide a quiet working environment.
  • Lightweight - The vacuum cleaner has a lightweight body that is great for one-handed cleaning.
  • High performance 5 stage filtration system - It provides each user with the ultimate purified air and a superior cleaning experience.
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inse n5 beutellos akku-staubsauger hellblau (
inse n5 beutellos beutellos akkusauger spezifikationen (blau) (



<transcy>Lightweight Main Host</transcy>

inse n5 beutellos Akku-Staubsauger hat einen leichten Haupthost (hellblau)
inse n5 beutellos akku-Staubsauger mit starker Saugkraft (hellblau)

<transcy>Strong Suction</transcy>


inse n5 beutellos akku-Staubsauger ist ultra-leise (hellblau)
inse n5 beutellos akku-Staubsauger mit abnehmbarem Akku (hellblau)

Long-lasting Battery

6-Cell Lithium-Ion batteries can ensure thorough one-time cleaning of 180㎡ (1 937.50 sq ft).
inse n5 beutellos akku Staubsauger mit 5-stufiger Filterung (hellblau) (

5-Stage Filtration

Equipped with 5 stages fully-sealed filtration systerm, captures 99% microscopic dust, while expels purified fresher air for your family.
inse n5 beutellos akku Staubsauger mit LED-Leuchten (hellblau)

LED Lights

Head Brush equipped with 4 LED lights ensures you a bright vision to clean the dust and dirt that is adhere to the floor.
inse n5 beutellos akku Staubsauger  ist leicht zu reinigen (hellblau)

Easy to Operate

Cover pops open and the waste drops out. No need to use your hand to touch anything dirty. *Wash and dry the filter regularly to keep a good suction.
inse n5 beutellos akku Staubsauger mit drehbarem Bürstenkopf (hellblau)

Rotatable Brush Head

Maneuverable 270° swivel sideways and 90°up and down head brush could clean in all directions.
inse n5 beutellos akku Staubsauger ist praktisch zu verstauen (hellblau)

Two Charge Methods

The battery could be charged inserted and also charged separately which could help you save spaces.
Was ist im inse n5 Akku Staubsauger enthalten? (hell blau)
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