Quick & Smart Choice: How to Choose a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?


1. Do I need a robot vacuum?

You may not enjoy daily cleaning schedule at all, either being caught in dirty house that is lack of cleaning or tired of frequent manual cleaning. As we all know, instead of holding a vacuum cleaner all the time, usually just with some pressing gestures, a robot vacuum cleaner could drive and work by itself.

Have more time to enjoy our life, to brighten up our living quality or just enjoy somewhat else cleaning your home while you sit on the couch idly, a robot vacuum cleaner would be a good choice. If you wonder how to pick the right robot vacuum cleaner for your home, keep reading.

2. What to consider before purchasing?

  • Big, medium or large home
For a small or medium home, a sensitive and smart robot vacuum that does not require many space works would be a proper one. If your home is much larger, it is recommended to use a robot vacuum with a bigger dustbin and longer run time.

  • Pet owner or not
If you have a dog or cat, or even more than one, then it is vital for you to choose a robot vacuum for pet hair that has a strong suction with specific head brushes that can roll up the pet fur.

  • Flooring
Mainly about hard wooden floor, carpet, or both. Some of the robot vacuum works well on carpet and barely leave dust or dirt on the carpet, while others may be more suitable only on hard wooden floors. If you only have marble or wooden floor, maybe a robot vacuum with a mop would help more.

  • Stairs or not
If you live in a big house with several floors, a robot vacuum with Anti-Fall and Virtual Wall feature would be a better option for you.
3. What is the price range?
Usually we mean the deal price, which ranges from approximately $60-$3000. Most of us are seeking a cost-efficient one, compare with several brands and choose the one at an acceptable price, and actually around $150-250 you could get a relevantly good one.

4. What to keep eyes on when purchasing?

  • Suction
Vacuum airflow would be a significant specification to measure one’s suction, but it is hard for us to notice when the brands describe their products, and some brands just show Pa(pascal) to mention the suction on their product page. Although Pascal is not canonical, but it also counts. Bigger number often means more suction.

In addition, the one that has the ability to identify the difference and across between the carpet and hard wooden floor without effort could be better if you have both flooring.

  • Accurate Navigation
There are two types of navigation on the market, LiDAR (lasers) and VSlam (cameras). Each has their pros and the laser is known as more accurate and could identify the angle and distance of obstacles with better accuracy.

  • Simple/Abundant Features
Besides from Anti-Fall feature, there are robot vacuum mapping, Anti-Collision, Wi-Fi/APP connectivity, work with Alexa/Google voice, remote control, keep out zones, etc. If you want a “smart” one, take these features into account. Otherwise a lower-end one without any advanced functions or have few functions can work easily and not that complex to handle.

  • Battery life
If you have a lovely home that is not that large, you don’t need to be very concerned about this. Most of the robot vacuum could run at least one hour, while some high-end could last longer.

  • Noise Level
If you tend to being in a quite environment, or if you have a baby or an elderly that needs good sleep, consider to get one with bearable sound, like lower than 60db.

  • Programme settings
It allows you to set certain times of the day or week to clean the house, for instance, when you are away from home and wish to see a clean home when you come back home.

  • Water tank
If you want robot vacuum mop function, of course it should have a water tank to store water and make sure the one you are looking at has this feature.
5. What I can expect?
In fact, you could not expect the suction of the little body would be powerful like our upright or canister vacuum, as well as the cleaning area. According to research and test, most robot vacuums could clean 80% of the area at most that it can reach.

And as the shape of most robot vacuums is round, thus they cannot fully reach to and clean the dust at some hard-to-reach areas like corners, as well as the space that is smaller than itself.

Nevertheless, a right and best robot vacuum could bring much joy to your life, it could be a good helper to bring cleanliness without interrupting your routine, allows you to have more precious time being with your families and friends.
(Attached a video to show how INSE E6 Robot vacuum works)

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