What is the difference between the S6 and N5?

For those who are searching for the best cordless vacuum in 2021, or the ones who get to know INSE vacuum for the first time, the INSE S6 and N5 vacuum seem alike from the outlook, and they might get confused. So, what is the difference between these two models? Let’s take a closer look.


1. Suction Power
The INSE S6 vacuum has 12Kpa at a lower power setting and 23Kpa at a higher power setting. As for the INSE N5 vacuum, its highest suction power is 12Kpa, which equals the power when the S6 vacuum is running at the lower power setting. The suction power will directly take effect on the cleaning efficiency, so roughly speaking, the INSE S6 vacuum could clean better than the N5 vacuum.

2. Battery Capacity
Stripped the battery of the S6 vacuum and the N5 vacuum, you will notice that the S6 has 8 cells of batteries and N5 has only 6 cells. One cell could provide a 3.7V output voltage, so S6’s 29.6V voltage is obviously larger than N5’s 22.2V, which means bigger battery capacity, stronger output, longer battery life.

3. Pet Hair
Usually, INSE N5 cordless vacuum is not recommended to vacuum the pet hair especially if you have more than one pet in your house, but the S6 vacuum is adept at cleaning out the pet hair and maintaining tidiness and cleanliness in the house due to its strong suction and bigger roller brush.

4. Roller brushes
N5 vacuum has a soft&stiff roller brush, which could deal with hardwood floor and low/medium pile carpet at the same time, no need to exchange to a different roller brush. However, the S6 vacuum has two exclusive roller brushes, a soft one and a stiff one. The stiff roller brush could tackle the debris on the carpets, efficiently beat and roll up the debris embedded on the carpets, while the soft one not only helps roll the debris up from the hardwood floor and suck in but also plays a role to polish the hardwood floor.

5. Accessories
S6 cordless vacuum has two extra cleaning tools: a bed brush and a flexible hose. Attached with the motorized mini brush, S6 easily becomes a vacuum for the bed, it could help remove the hair, unknown dirty particles, and even bed bugs that are hardly seen by eyes on the bed, let you sleep in a more clean environment, reduce the contact with the things that would lead to pruritus or even allergy. Besides, it has an extending hose nozzle that helps it maneuver in, under, and around seats to find runaway dirt and debris. Just attach the host motorhead ​with the flexible hose, no need to move the whole vacuum in such a narrow space, all the small debris or big particles could be picked up by its strong suction.

6. Price
If you are browsing on the INSE official website, you would find that generally, INSE S6 cordless vacuum is about $50 more expensive than N5. If you don’t have enough budget for a relatively expensive vacuum that could fit in different situations, an N5 cordless vacuum may be enough for you. Otherwise, if you prefer a much more functional vacuum, you may give the S6 cordless vacuum a chance.


As we mentioned, they look alike. Let’s summarize what the common features of the two cordless vacuum cleaners are then you could have a deeper understanding of them.


1. Power settings
They both have two power settings, the standard one and the higher one. It helps deal with different types of daily waste and make the maximal utilization of the vacuum while keeping relevant sufficient battery power. For instance, the standard power setting could deal with human hair, flocking, scraps of paper, etc., while the higher power setting could help handle big particles like cat food, corn flakes, and so on. Of course, INSE S6 wireless vacuum could pick up more debris and clean out more efficiently than the N5 vacuum as we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

2. Flooring
They could be operated on any type of hard floors and low/medium pile carpets, but INSE S6 could perform better regarding carpets cleaning and is known as the vacuum cleaner for carpet.

3. Brush Head
Some parts of the INSE S6 vacuum and N5 vacuum are manufactured in the same factory, including the brush head. They all have a bigger brush head with a spiral design of bristles. A bigger brush head means a wider clean area, and the spiral soft bristles and stiff bristles enable the roller brush to beat and roll up the debris from the flooring. Also, with LED lights on the forehead, it creates a clearer sight when you vacuum and makes it more enjoyable to see all the debris and dust vanish. (S6's brush head is a bit larger than N5's)

4. Self Standing & Wall Mounted
To better fit in various scenarios, they both are designed to be capable of self-standing, just detach the host header and insert it into the hook of the extendable pole. And, they could also be hung on the wall using the wall mount which could save some space.

5. Dustbin Size
Both of them have a 1.2L large dustbin, largely solving the problem of frequent emptying, saving time and energy and troubles.

6. Accessories
A crevice tool that could sneak into the gaps, a 2-in-1 cleaning brush that could wipe out the waste on any plane, and a cleaning gadget that could help move the tangled hair around the roller brush -- these three tools are the common accessories that are along with the S6 vacuum and N5 vacuum.



If you are searching for a cordless vacuum that can meet your basic cleaning needs and doesn’t require multi-functions, maybe an N5 stick vacuum is far enough. If you are looking for a multi-surface vacuum, a vacuum that has abundant accessories to deal with various scenarios and powerful suction to pick up the debris as much as possible, it is suggested to try out the S6 cordless vacuum, especially if you have a car, and have pets and carpets in your house.

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